Jun 7, 2012

Everybody Changes

I guess everyone changes, yes because I changed too
After seeing everyone else change, I must have changed too
I guess everyone changes, yes because you changed too
After seeing you change, I must have changed too
Am I going here, am I going there?
I don’t know where I’m going but
When you change as time passes, it’s because you’re young
Yes, only you can know why you’re changing like this
Though I want to deny it, I’m in front of the last door of my youth
As I age, I pretend to be cool
But honestly, I get out of breath, trying to jump far
Just like a broken windmill
My sleep decreases and the shape of the moon is the same every night
Time goes by so fast – even a certain junior of mine changed his mind
Now that he’s married, he says it’s something that needs to be done
The music that makes money, the first love that remains in my heart
She’s now just a girl who I am attached to
Gary and Gil now make other people laugh as they live
Am I going here, am I going there?
I don’t know where I’m going but
When you change as time passes, it’s because you’re young
Yes, only you can know why you’re changing like this
I guess everyone changes, yes because I changed too
After seeing everyone else change, I must have changed too
I guess everyone changes, yes because you changed too
After seeing you change, I must have changed too

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May 25, 2012


LeeSsang - SOMEDAY FT. Yoon Do Hyun of YB

serabut weh.   macam-macam dalam kepala aku sekarang.   benda tu benda ni.   tapi lepas dengar suara mak aku.   lega poit.   dah tu.   apa lagi.   jom dengar lagu ni.      layan ni la.   nak sedap bukak kat youtube.   tak payah k-pop semua tu.   ni baru sytle boh.   try la leessang.   try la yb.   jangan dok asyik snsd.   


May 20, 2012


Fakta menarik mengenai orang Johor.

1- Kita tidak mempunyai loghat tersendiri. Tapi kebanyakkan ayat dalam pertuturan kami ditamatkan dengan 'ekkk'.

2- Apabila bercakap mengenai Johor, kita merujuk kepada Johor Bahru iaitu ibu negeri.

3- Perkataan Johor disebut dengan bunyi Joho.

4- Kita selalu sebut "sangap" iaitu sama erti dengan menguap.

5- Kita mencipta Mee Bandung dan mee ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan Bandung, Indonesia atau Air Bandung.

6- Kita ada Gerobok atau gobok iaitu almari dan juga Gebor iaitu selimut.

7- Hanya orang Johor sahaja yang berendut (endut).

8- Kebanyakan orang Johor terutama selatan menggunakan perkataan "anu"
sebagai ganti perkataan tolong. Anu bukan perkataan lucah.

Dan lagii... Nanti ade baru tmbah la... Tapi ap ekk.. :)

May 17, 2012

aku cinta kau dan dia

pertamanya maaf ku pinta
memang menulis semasa emosi 
bakal membawa padah, pedih dan segala
walau jahil mana pun
tetap salah


Apr 23, 2012

Familiar Chelsea re-created by old heads and new faces

ESPN Soccernet - Correspondents - Chelsea- Familiar Chelsea re-created by old heads and new faces
Posted by Phil Lythell 

The last week of following Chelsea has been like stepping into a time machine. The resolve and resilience displayed in the matches against Barcelona and Arsenal has borne more than a passing resemblance to the character of those sides sent on to the field by Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink.
The 1-0 win over the reigning European Champions was as familiar as it was unexpected though the build up to the match was strange for such a huge fixture in that there were very few nerves among Chelsea fans around the stadium. Having been universally written off and with nothing to lose, most were just hoping for a good effort and to still be in the tie going into the second leg; a draw would have been gladly accepted prior to kick-off.
The match may have followed the pattern that we all predicted – Barca dominating possession and Chelsea camped around the edge of the penalty box – but with one unforeseen detail: the lack of cutting edge from Pep Guardiola’s team. Quite how Cesc Fabregas did not get on the scoresheet is beyond me while Alexis Sanchez could quite easily have netted twice. But while gilt-edged chances were missed – the loveable Sergio Busquets even firing over an open goal in injury-time – the most telling eventuality is that none of those openings fell to Lionel Messi.
With his supernatural abilities well known to those inside Stamford Bridge, the little magician drew a gasp from the crowd every time he was on the ball but he was reduced to shooting from distance and was crowded out each time by stoic defending from the men in blue. Had Messi found himself in the same areas as Fabregas and Sanchez, there is no doubt that the net would have bulged on at least one occasion.
However, the credit for restricting the world’s best footballer to a role on the periphery of the game has to go to the incredible display of positional discipline from the home side, the foundation of Roberto Di Matteo’s gameplan and a nod to previous years under former regimes. Gary Cahill truly came of age as a Chelsea player with an almost flawless performance while John Terry and Ashley Cole showed the very best of their qualities in repelling everything thrown at them. In front of the back four, John Obi Mikel was resolute, Raul Meireles terrier-like and Frank Lampard a picture of composure whether on or off the ball. Indeed, Lampard’s dispossession of Messi and his inch-perfect pass to Ramires was the key to the match-winning goal.
That strike from Didier Drogba may have ultimately been the crucial difference between the sides after ninety plus minutes but it was only one of the key contributions from the big man. He disrupted Barcelona’s rhythm all night whether he was winning long balls or milking the moment after every challenge from an opposition player, proving once again that there is no better centre forward in world football when he is at the top of his game. Carles Puyol is as indomitable a defender that there is in the game but he was totally outmuscled by Drogba every time the two contested for the ball while Javier Mascherano was absolutely pulverised when he ventured into the striker’s path. His ability to win and then hold possession to relieve the pressure on an exhausted defence was vital to the result and let’s pray that he gets over his knee injury to start at Camp Nou in the return leg.
Drogba’s intimidating physicality is totally at odds with his propensity to hit the deck at the merest touch and to stay there as if picked off by a sniper rifle. Naturally it has drawn much criticism and usually I would be among the first in the queue. This time, however, I have nothing but praise for his actions. Drogba’s theatrics were not designed to earn yellow cards for the opposition but merely to give the defence and midfield a breather between waves of attack. His antics will have been greatly appreciated by those playing behind him. Secondly – and I realise this is as subjective as it gets – the rules of ethics are suspended against Barcelona. Chelsea have been on the wrong end of so much gamesmanship form the Catalans in previous encounters that, quite frankly, they got what they deserved. Even the most anti-Drogba observer must have had a wry smile on their face at the sight of the most odious cheat of them all, Sergio Busquets, accusing the Ivorian of diving. People say that if you play Barcelona at their own game you can only lose but Drogba’s “professionalism” highlighted that there is a caveat to that particular pearl of wisdom.
In many aspects this meeting very much mirrored the last one between the two clubs in 2009 though for a few crucial differences. The bounce of the ball this time favoured the Blues and the referee - while not awarding any penalties – seemed more disposed to whistle in defence of Drogba than Tom Henning Ovrebo did three years ago. Yet the result could well have been the same except instead of Andres Iniesta firing the ball into the roof of the net, Thiago Alcantara hit a post with his injury time effort and the follow up was blazed over. Was it destiny or merely delaying the inevitable? Either way, the jigging in the stands to One Step Beyond at the final whistle felt like a dance of redemption.
Following the exertions of Wednesday night, Saturday’s trip to Arsenal looked like another daunting challenge but once again the Blues performed above expectations. The defence was rock solid and had the front three not had such a poor game a valuable three points might well have been the reward for Roberto Di Matteo and his team rather than just one. Daniel Sturridge never quite got into the game while Fernando Torres scurried around but to little effect. However, Salomon Kalou, as always, frustrated the most. If his play on the ball was half as good as his movement without it then he would be one of the most prized footballers around. Unfortunately, his appalling decision making and dreadful execution in key areas means he is destined to bear the brunt of criticism of the crowd more often than their acclaim.
Terry and Cahill were magnificent at the back once again but a special mention has to go to Ryan Bertrand. The left back kept Theo Walcott quiet all afternoon and was always available on the overlap in attacking situations. His game is cut from the same cloth as Ashley Cole’s and it is encouraging to see a player capable of stepping into the England international’s shoes both in the short and long term. If only the same could be said of Jose Bosingwa.
Together with the 5-1 demolition of Tottenham at Wembley, it has been a very satisfying seven days for Chelsea Football Club but there is no time to rest on any laurels. With the faint glow of a Champions League final on the horizon, Tuesday’s match at Camp Nou will be fraught to say the least and I don’t think I’m being too defeatist in saying that Chelsea are still firm outsiders to make it to Munich. Tottenham’s defeat to QPR has been a fillip in the pursuit of a fourth place finish in the Premier League but we face their conquerors next weekend in what is bound to be a contentious affair in light of the incident between Terry and Anton Ferdinand in the first meeting this season at Loftus Road. Meanwhile, Newcastle’s string of victories has seen them pull four points clear of the Blues so a win over the Magpies a week on Wednesday is a must.
The big matches are coming thick and fast for Chelsea but so far so good. Another positive result on Tuesday night and the impossible might just become a reality
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Apr 15, 2012

#5 quote of the day

"ni lagi sorang, keluar bukan nak bagitau pergi mana.. nanti hilang kang nak jawab ape kat mak die..??"

Ayat ini muncul mase aku nak pergi makan dengan kawan aku, lalu kami berborak tentang salah saorang sahabat kami yang ghaib hilang kemana entah nye pon. dating kot. ngahahaha. yela, bukan kami ni nak ape pon, cuma betol ape yang kawan aku cakap ni. kot2 ape2 jadi ke. haa. at least taw la ko kat mana. kene batang idung aku jugak. haha

Apr 3, 2012


Ketika Ambil Wuduk niatkanlah dalam hati

1. Ketika berkumur, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa mulut dan lidahku ini".

2. Ketika membasuh muka, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, putihkanlah >mukaku di akhirat kelak, Janganlah Kau hitamkan muka ku ini".

3. Ketika membasuh tangan kanan, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, berikanlah hisab-hisab ku di tangan kanan ku ini".

4. Ketika membasuh tangan kiri, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, janganlah Kau berikan hisab-hisab ku di tangan kiri ku ini".

5. Ketika membasuh kepala, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, lindunglah daku dari terik matahari di padang Masyar dengan Arasy Mu".

6. Ketika membasuh telinga, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa telinga ku ini".

7. Ketika membasuh kaki kanan, berniatlah kamu dengan.
"Ya Allah, permudahkanlah aku melintasi titian Siratul Mustaqqim".

8. Ketika membasuh kaki kiri, berniatlah kamu dengan,
"Ya Allah, bawakanlah daku pergi ke masjid-masjid, surau-surau dan bukan tempat-tempat maksiat".

Mar 17, 2012

etude of memory

You couldn’t bear it any longer
With an empty smile you leaned on my shoulder
And closed your eyes

The only thing I can say now
Is that your sad gaze 
Causes my heart pain
Why don’t you tell me

If only I could enter into your heart
Just how much meaning 
Would my immature self be worth?

Many days pass by
And when my heart starts to falter
Deep within it
Memories of you begin to wither
Please find your way back to me

I start to think once more
Of the future
In which the dreams were too vast
The memories of you are slipping away
Will I remember them again?

If only I could enter into your heart
Just how much meaning
Could my immature self possibly have?

Many days pass by
And when they brush past my heart
Deep within it
Memories of you begin to wither
Please find your way back to me

I start to think once more
Of the future
In which the dreams were too vast
And within those dreams
You remain

Mar 8, 2012



Kita mengeluh : "tak mungkin"
Allah menjawab : "jika Allah mengkehendaki sesuatu, cukup dgn berkata jadi,maka jadilah ia --->(surah Yasin:82)

kita mengeluh : "saya terlalu penat dan lelah"
Allah menjawab : "Aku ciptakan tidurmu untuk istirahatmu"--->(Surah An-naba:9)

Kita mengeluh : "saya tak mampu menanggung dugaan ini"
Allah menjawab : "Allah tidak mmbebankan sesuatu pd seseorang melainkan sesuai dgn kemampuannya"--->(surah Al-baqarah:286)

Kita mengeluh : "saya sangat stress"
Allah menjawab : "hanya dgn mngingati Allah, maka hati akan menjadi tenang"-->(Surah Ar-Ra'du:28)

Kita mengeluh : "tak ada guna nya"
Allah menjawab : "maka barang siapa mengerjakan amal kebaikan walaupun seberat zarah, nescaya ia akan melihat kebaikannya"-->(Surah Al-zazalah:7)

p/s : setiap persoalan dlm hidup kita ada jawapannya..maka,STOP mengeluh dan hiduplah dgn berpandukan AL QURAN dan SUNNAH.. wallahu'alam=)

Feb 29, 2012


program maulid Rasul peringkat masjid al husna, muar, Johor. 

intro. 29 feb, 4 thn skali. brbhgia lah mereka yg memuliakan Nabi. dtg lps mghrb, ada mkn. kta smbt dlm keadaan aman. x cm zmn Nabi, susah. 
bagi kamu mmbri ingtn kpd 1kaum y x prnh diutuskan nabi. itu org arab. tak mcm bani israel, 1000 nabi diutuskan pada mrk.
jarak Nabi isa dgn nabi Muhammad 500 tahun. israel, kdg smpi 2 3 nabi diturunkan. tp lpas nabi isa diangkat, takda langsung nabi diutuskan dlm 500 thn. kitab semua dh ditukar, smpai org da sesat. 

org arab ni, lau anak dlm perut, bapak da mati, anak tu bwk malang. sbb tu nabi x dibesarkan sbg org bangsawan. sbb tu nabi dihantar ke ibu susu, bela kambing. tapi, suma kenal sapa nabi, dorang yg bg gelaran al -amin. 
tp bila nabi nk brdakwah, teruk layanan dorg pd Nabi. tgk jela kta, kalau org x ska, paling truk pn belah macam tu je. tp nabi, tgh solat org letak perut unta atas pala, letak lasir ms nabi mk brckp. 

paatu nabi pegi taif sbb tgk quraish dh xnk beriman. tp kat sana kena baling batu smpai luka penuh darah kasut. smpi nabi lari ke ladang tamar, 2 malaikat dtg, malaikat yg jaga 2bukit, nk trbalikkan bukit.

dan setiap nabi ada doa mustajab. nabi Muhammad ada doa binasakan individu, tapi itu individu. nabi lain juga doakan binasakan kaum-kaum yang kafir. tp nabi Muhammad smpan doa dia. esok di akhirat baru nabi berdoa. 

pada awal2, hmba2 je yg ikut nabi pya ajaran, hatta org quraisy pn ckp umar dulu, dia takkan masuk islam selagi keldai dia tak masuk islam. tapi nabi ada senjata, iaitu doa. nabi doa spy bantu islam dgn antara 2 umar. umar alkhatab ni dulu samseng. umar kalau naik kuda arab tu, kaki jejak tanah. dia tinggi besar. pastu dia kuar dgn hunus pedang, dia kalau hunus pedang, orv tk brani tegur. tp ad org tua tye, umar ckp nk pergi bunuh Muhammad, tp org tu ckp g selesaikan adik kau dulu, dia dh beriman dulu. pegi la umar rmh adk dia, panggil fatimah. 

lalu dia msk g tampo adk dia, pstu adik dia ada peganG lembRan quran. ada ditulis ayat 1smpi 6 ayat surah toha. lalu umar baca. alangkah indahnya dia ckp. lalu dia ckp ini bkn Muhammad yg buat sbb dia x pndai baca. nabi masa tu sembunyi di jabal ubais, iaitu rumah al arqam. umar nk g jmpa nabi. lalu fatimah bawak umar nak pergi jmpa nabi..masa umar msk, nabi dtg gemgam janggut umar, tye apa pasal. lalu dia ckp nk beriman. masa umar mengucap, malaikat turun tye knpa umar mengucap, gegar arasy. sbb umar ke 40 msk islam. lalu umar suruh dakwah terang terangan. 

allah ada 3000 nama. dlm 99 nama, nabi ckp kalau kita doa dgn nama itu mustajab doa. 
ketika ayat kursi diturunkan, bergegar arash.

Feb 13, 2012


Sooyoung left a message on the Girls' Generation official website board for her birthday!!

SONE! Hellohellohello ^ㅡ^

How have you been?! Sooyoung is in Paris... hehe
The original flight schedule was that we would be on the plane on the 9th and arrive in Thailand at night on the 10th..
But plans changed so I ended up staying "on land" for my birthday hehe, I almost spent my birthday in the air hoho
When I was young, I was always excited whenever my birthday was approaching and my wish was to have a birthday party at a fast food restaurant,
But I never knew that I would one day grow up and be congratulated from so many people all over the world.. ㅠ
My heart was only filled with thankfulness while I was being congratulated yesterday and today by all the fans..
Yesterday, the members and I ate good food and had an enjoyable party!^^
I think it was even more joyous because I was able to spend the day with my dear friends while also receiving love from so many people ^ㅡ^

This is something that I feel every year on my birthday, but I feel like I'm receiving more love than I should
So as I get older, I always promise [myself] that I would become a person worthy of the amount of love I receive..
All of you give up your precious time and love for me,
But I wonder if I deserve all of that..

But!! I know those things aren't very important hehe
I can just receive all of your pure and ferverent love and return the same favour, also with a pure heart
There's no time to think about whether I'm entitled or not : )
I will simply just do the best that I can in the place that I am in in order to repay you ; )
I will try hard to become a person that wont disappoint you, a person that is suited to receive all this love that I'm receiving! ^^
The reason that I can feel all this and find a reason to become more adult-like is, again, all of you..
Thank you so much, hehe. I feel like it's as if... we're all on a train together, headed toward a destination point called adulthood! hehe
What I mean to say is, thank you for being with me during this process.. hehe
There are so many people that are watching over me during my growth proccess, as if a family would... so I now have a sense of responsibility!!

By now, your hands and feet are probably curled up so much that you can't even post replies to this message.. keke
But this is something that we must never forget! Competent SONEs will come out and post translations, right?

Since the Soshi Express that all of you are boarded on is now touring the earth,
there are many customers of various races/ethnicities aboard. hehe
So the announcements onboard will also have to be globally[multiculturally] made! hahaha
This train is weird, asking the passengers for translations, isn't it? keke
But... if you just stay with your bums seated, you'll arrive at the destination safely..
And you'll be able to watch performances like no other in this world!! And see a great, touching epic that will be sure to have you in tears!!
You'll be able to watch this epic that is a drama of the girls' growth processes... Hahahahahaha

The next stop will be on March 9th at Taeyeon Station.
There is no door to exit.

Translation: taengbear@soshified.com
Source: girlsgeneration.smtown.com

Feb 3, 2012

#4 quote of the day

"ko memg crk stok2 korea ke ape azim?"

Ayat ini muncul masa aku chatting ngan kawan aku mengenai perihal yang berpunca dari Google+. hewhewhew.