Oct 14, 2015

Kind of

adjective: jealous
  1. feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
    "he grew jealous of her success"
    synonyms:enviouscovetousdesirous; More
    resentfulgrudgingbegrudging, green (with envy)
    "he was jealous of his sister's popularity"

Oct 1, 2015

Love & Hate

So today, we talked about it. Topic that, out of the usual content.
Reminds me how I missed the old days of us. 
Freely having conversation on nearly whole nine yards. 

Yes, things changed after that. Mutual respect for each others.
Probably it was me who took a bitter pill. 
And maybe it is time for us to find our feet.
Also for me to take the ol' 23 skidoo!

Better to stick up to your principle,