Apr 6, 2016

brands out let

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

adonis johnson creed

i love writing. writing helps me to remember things. writing helps me express my feelings. writing helps me focus on things. writing helps me remind everyone and me. writing teach me the right way in everything. writing also helps me to reflect my self and that is the most important things. your pahala and your dosa 

it's been a while now. last february i was given opportunity to go the Haramain to perform umrah. mixed feeling at first. it is truly never forgotten moments in my life. probably i will write about it the next next post maybe.

so, 6 weeks passed away since the semester started. i am now trying to complete my thesis for my master degree. in the six weeks, i was able to meet some of my old friends. house mates from degree times. both married and already have kid(s). its great to see others. hoping the best for your future mates.

also last week meeting with most of my relatives. its been fun. because we love each others. you know, you have been together from toddlers. seeing each years without a miss. and now more additions to the family. it is hard to hafal all the names okay. its real fun, mesmerizing, and also healing. 

this week also i met my special one. its been a while since we met each others. you know you are the special one. Jose Mourinho. it is you. hahaha.

any ways, JDT have been cruising Super league, top of group H in 2016 AFC Cup. Chelsea still in their unbeaten Premier league run under interim manager Guus Hiddink and yesterday announcement of Antonio Conte as the new manager after Euro 16.

Munafik is a great movie from shamsul yusof. although the rap part is a bit cringe for me, overall it is good. horror but full of lesson to learn. no aurat was open in the film which is the best. also all the possessed scene looks real and it is real in the real life cause i have seen it before. more good things but i want to keep it short.

Also, in the last month, we have encountered two eclipses in a short time period. beware and behave guys. the near is end. eh. the end is near.