Dec 14, 2010

get your facebook a new style

assalamualaikum yaw. how do you do? i'm fine thank you. hehe.
okeyh frens, today i wanna share with u guys bout my new profile pic on the facebook.
ow yeah, i found it on and this is so cool yaw.
actually, i've done it with the first one. this one below.

well, it does not get a sambutan pon. because few people know about this pic, the exogenesis pic.
then, i try this new one and post it as a wall photo and guess what?
so cool yaw !
i didn't use photoshop to do this cause i didn't have one.
so, maen crop-crop sikit, tacap sikit, then BOOM!

so so cool yaw. and i proud of it.
but just for a while.
haha. so, you should try it!
but for sure, nothing is easy in this world.
there's no any button that you can click and POP! there they are.
there is no such thing, except you create it yourself lah kan.
so, if you want it, go for it.
believe in yourself.
(macam motivator lak)
anyway, if you do good, you look good.
time to chow yaw!
babai! :D


...azuwin najihah... said...

Waa! Profile smart! c(:

echidna mundo said...

hehee.. bese je kot..
haha XD

Khadijah Yusof said...

ape yang yaw2 nye..hehe

ok yaw..haha