Dec 12, 2010


assalamualaikum and hello everyone.
yeah, last friday was one of the greatest day in my life.
the day that the result keluar.
i'm knew that it will be a very bad mark i've ever get and it's so true kot.
well, my mom asked me earlier about what i will get.
then i said, terok lah ma.
mm, ntah la.
and it's so true beb.
aku taklah sampai menangis coz dah tau dah.

tapi tak la expect sampai macam tu kan.
well, that's a very great dugaan that Allah bagi and i'm menerima dengan ikhlas.
and it's a great start for me.
bersempena dengan tahun baru, i will try my best and get all my goals that i've set.
hopefully, you're there to help me (cehh....haha)
well, thanks to my family and all my friends for supporting me till this day.
i'll get you an ice-cream for that ( just kidding..hehe)
so, well done and congratulation to all of you that achieve a great cgpa for this semester!
and i'm proud of you!
and yang tak dapat a great cgpa for this semester, takpe, kito samo-samo mengharungi badai dan taufan nanti!
love you!(sem dpan jgn lupe blanje ice-cream tau..haha)
see u'll around the corner k!
chow cincau~

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