Jan 15, 2011

singa menentang buaya! siapa menang?

inilah perlawanan yang lama aku tunggu keputusan nya. saksikan lah singa menentang buaya ! the most epic fight ever among the animals!!

The extraordinary encounter took place in Botswana and was captured on camera by a touring cardiologist

The lionesses circled around the crocodile

Three lionesses pounced on the aggressive beast

The crocodile only managed to get in one bite before it was killed by the protective pride

The cubs were brought in for a snack after the crocodile was killed

sumber Daily Mail


Miss MuchKin said...

cian buaya tue..
bad2 kitty(dialog madagascar)ngeee..

af3b_p!LaH said...

1 by 1 la bai!
mana aci.

echidna mundo said...

muchkin : bad2 crocodile.. haha

af3b : sapa suh depa kacau anak singa tuh.. hahaha