Jan 14, 2011

Yuri Facts

01. When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn't pay attention to other things.

02. Yuri cried most of the time, if she's talking about members.

03. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she's talking about Tiff that cares her so much.

04. Yuri is thinking about the member when she's acting crying in K.Will's MV (Jeon Hyunmoo's Freeway Radio - Sooyoung & Yuri cut.

05. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days.

06. Yuri got slapping habit.

07. Yuri was said a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member by more than 1 psychologist (you can watch from viewable radio that invites psychologist)

08. Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her.

09. Yuri can't play badminton well

10. Yuri has a mischievous childhood (Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun - SNSD)

11. Yuri can't do Math well.

12. Yuri is now SooYoung's university hoobae.

13. Yuri has an ahjussi fan who used to manage and deliver them chinese food... He always came with free dishes for the girls because he likes Yuri very much.

14. Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri.

15. Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much.

16. Yuri is the slowest member in learning new moves (Jeon Hyunmoo's Freeway Radio - Sooyoung & Yuri cut).

17. When Yuri forgot her "Honey" lyrics, she just kept smiling when it's her turn.

18. Yuri takes care of her health so much.

19. Yuri is one of the shikshins in SNSD.

20. Yuri used to be very skinny before being casted in Unstoppable Marriage but after appearing in the sitcom with Sooyoung, her weight increased by 5kg! Interestingly, Sooyoung didn't gain any weight at all over the same time period.

21. Yuri admitted that she likes to cry (SNSD Physiognomic Judgements of Fortune-YURI).

22. Yuri once had an oppa friend that she liked, but he only saw her as a little brother (yes, brother) figure! According to Yuri, he regrets it a LOT now.

23. Yuri and Sooyoung once went over to a public bath house and was noticed by other high school girls there, who in the end figured that SNSD wouldn't come to such place and left without saying a word to them.

24. Yuri can't cook. But she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon sometimes. And as expected, Taeyeon is always the winner. Haha!

25. HyoYeon used to be angry at Yuri and treated her like an enemy before because she was jealous at how many people thought Yuri was the best dancer in SNSD.

26. Yuri had a boyfriend when she was in grade 10.

27. Yuri appeared in a Super Junior's movie "Attacks of the pin up boys" and she play as a ballerina who in the end get in a dance group with Heechul, Donghae.

28. Yuri licked the cake that they made for maknae's surprise party.. She was asked by the other members, but she said that she just smelled it, but if you see properly, I guess she's licking it.

29. Once, the members pranked Yuri in the April fool day in 2008.. Yuri was so shocked that the members didn't wanna give this kind of prank to her anymore..

30. Yuri has 3 stages when she's mad!

31.Yuri has an older brother who's currently doing military service.

32. Yuri is the organized queen.

33. Yuri can make everybody tolerant when she starts fooling around.

34. Yuri loves Mickey Mouse.

35. Yuri can play violin.

36. Sunny and Yuri are the ones who get the choreography wrong most of the time.

37. Yuri likes to talk to herself.

38. Yuri forgets the lyrics very frequently (she ever forget several songs' lyrics. One of them is Honey song)

39. Yuri's very flexible (definitely).

40. Yuri is also a bug catcher.

41. Yuri once tied other members shoelaces together and ran away.

42. Yuri is a prankster. She has teased Fany with fake bugs.

43. Yuri has a mole right above her bellybutton.

44. When Yuri talks to guys the tone of her voice changes.

45. Yuri likes listening to Jason Mraz.

46. Yuri likes to imitate other members.

47. Yuri is the lawyer of SNSD cause when in an argument, she list down what she has to say first.

48. Yuri said that she was a "happy virus".

49. Aside from Black Pearl, Yuri was also called "black beans" and "cola" as her nickname.

50. Yuri has the same birthdate as Walt Disney (maker of that famous mouse).

51. Yuri was the last person to graduate from high school out of the SNSD members graduating in year 2008.

52. Yuri is scared of elephant. When SNSD went to Thailand to promote, she was the only one who didn't ride on the elephant.

53. Yuri fall asleep after 10 minutes watching film and wake up 10 minutes before the movie ends. When the members laughing or claping at the movie, she suddenly walk up and laugh with them without knowing the reason.

54. Yuri hates to lose. And she's very competitive.

55. Yuri does Yoga positions in her sleep. 


Najwa said...

dlu soo young beratus2 skrg yuri plk..duhh kipasusahmati ni..

echidna mundo said...

mane ade.. soo young tetap d hati.. heehhe